What makes Camila Cabello the happiest? Hint: It has to do with something in Miami

After the very public and quasi scandalous breakup with Fifth Harmony, Camila Cabello bravely set out on her own.

More than a year later and with a No. 1 hit to her credit (hello, Havana), Cabello has serious cred as a solo artist. But the struggle for this Miami girl has been real. She opened up in Cosmopolitan’s July issue, talking about what she looks for in a relationship, the downside of fame and the thing that makes her the happiest (hint: It’s something in Miami):

On relationships: “I just love love! I’ve always been a hopeless romantic. I need to feel that emotion. Finding your person is one of the closest things we have to magic. You just can’t explain it. The same way you can’t explain why a song makes you cry.”

On coping with the negative aspects of fame: “I try to protect myself as much as I can. I don’t have any social media on my phone. I have it on my mom’s phone, so if there’s anything I want to say or if I want to read through what my fans are sending me, I can. It has made a world of difference. If it’s right at your fingertips, there’s a huge chance you’re going to come across something that really hurts your feelings. Huge. And it’s impossible to forget it.”

What makes her smile: “I just want to live my best life [laughs]. Twitter slang!… I read The Happiness Advantage, and it tells you that right before you do something that scares you, give your brain a whirlwind of things that make you happy. I think about my dog I have in Miami. I think about my family. I think about people who mean a lot to me.”

i miss this lil guy (his name's Leo) #CamilaXSkechers

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Cabello actually has two dogs, Ralph and Leo, as you can see by her  adorable Instagram posts. So we’re not sure which little guy she’s talking about. But either way, we know she loves animals.

when ur mom is hugging u cuz she needs love and affection but ur lookin at the squirrel across the street #CamilaXSkechers #SkechersStreet #ad

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