Delray Beach rapper J Rand keeping it real in South Florida

Josh Randall, aka J Rand, wanted to be a big music star, and you could say he’s on the right path. The 28-year-old Delray Beach native has played his cards right, hooking up with the right people in the industry and making all the right moves to get noticed. Randall got his start as (yes) a wedding singer, as well as writing songs for a variety of local and national acts before signing a deal with Interscope Records and releasing the club hit Up Against the Wall. J eventually parted ways with the label, moving over to Nontra, putting out the single Ride, featuring Flo Rida and T Pain, which led to a 2013 appearance on The Tonight Show. Summer 2015 has been good to J Rand; his new R&B single Gold is currently in the blowing-up stages. We spoke to the hip-hopper on the rise, who attended Atlantic Community High School in Delray Beach and then got some thespian training at The Acting School of South Florida in Hollywood.

What inspired you to write “Gold?” Some of the lyrics are a little, um, risqué?

I wrote it about a girl that I was dating. To be honest, I really just wanted to impress her with the song, and I didn’t have any intentions for anyone to hear it. I felt like singing and rapping when I heard the instrumental and just wrote it on a long car drive, then recorded the vocals for her that night in the studio. This wasn’t intended to be a single, it’s just a song we threw up on SoundCloud, and the reaction was immediate. People really love the record and started doing their own versions so we just ran with it. The lyrics to me are, of course, very personal, but they represent being in love and experiencing another level of appreciation for your significant other. There’s always that one that makes you feel out of your comfort zone, and it’s golden.

Where did you shoot the video? We can see lots of palm trees.

We actually shot it in the Fort Lauderdale condo of the CEO of my label Nontra Records. Everything we’ve done thus far has been spontaneous with promoting this song so we didn’t even really have time for a proper location scout. We literally decided to shoot the video two days prior. I’m gonna be honest, rolling around the bed with a beautiful girl with everyone watching was a little weird, but luckily I think the visuals came across genuine.