Don’t start your Miami vacation like this guy: with a drunken fight on the plane

Dude. You are not getting any more beers.
Dude. You are not getting any more beers.

Dear Everyone Coming to Miami on Vacation:

We are happy you are visiting and plan to spend your hard-earned money on overpriced cocktails! But we have one simple favor to ask. Can you wait until you get off the plane to act like a fool?

We realize not everyone can heed this simple request. In fact, a fight broke out on an American Airlines flight from St. Croix to Miami because a gentleman who may have been overserved couldn’t get more booze.

“According to video footage from another passenger, Bill Bolduc, the man, Jason Felix, started to get agitated when an American Airlines flight attendant wouldn’t allow him to purchase more beer,” the Miami Herald reported, adding that “federal law prohibits the airline from serving intoxicated passengers.”

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A good policy. But Mr. Felix could not comply.

Happily, the heroic flight attendant stays calm in the face of belligerence, stupidity and a full-out wrestling match in the aisles. Next time you have to deal with an idiot at your job, remember this guy.

Let’s take a look:

The flight attendant stays cool throughout the following:

Demands for more drinks

Dude. You are not getting any more beers.

A homophobic slur 

Felix used a derogatory term for gay men, according to the Herald. Jump to 1:06 on this video above.

Actual punches thrown

Seriously, what is happening people.

The aftermath when nobody wanted to go back to their seats and the pilot was probably considering putting the plane into a nose dive for a few seconds to get everyone to shut up

We should emulate the flight attendant’s impressive behavior next time we drive on the Palmetto. You get the feeling if all the engines failed when the plane was coming in for a landing, this guy would just calmly ask people to put their trays up and tell them they’d be on the ground shortly.

Four Miami-Dade County police officers came aboard when the plane landed to escort Felix off (the Miami Herald reports that Bolduc said he was “Hitting the chair, swearing, yelling at other passengers, spitting at people at some point.”)

He was turned over to the FBI, which is not really the best way to start off your Florida vacation.