JLo gets into bed with Cardi B in her sexy video for ‘Dinero’

Screenshot of 'Dinero' with Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B.
Screenshot of 'Dinero' with Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B.

Cardi B put the world on notice about how much she likes material things in her song “I Like It.” She likes diamonds, she likes to put rocks on her watch, she likes shining. Cardi B is about her coins like Mario.

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Well, turns out JLo is also a fan of making stacks of cash as we see in her latest song “Dinero,” featuring DJ Khaled and Cardi B herself. JLo debuted the song at the Billboard Awards on May 20, 2018 (sans Cardi B, who is preggers). Now the video is available and it’s got everything you would expect from a JLo vid: Jennifer Lopez roasting marshmallows on burning stacks of money; a diamond encrusted bowling ball; JLo walking her pet ostrich; millions of dollars of Tiffany jewels;  lingerie and fur coats. Take a look:

Obviously DJ Khaled is lurking around the video, but we’re all here for Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B, who drops her verse from inside a luxurious king size bed. JLo and the Bronx rapper are dressed in “Eyes Wide Shut” orgy-wear, but the gimmick is likely just a way to camouflage Cardi B’s baby bump.