Will Daddy Yankee’s latest hit take the crown from ‘Despacito’?

Daddy Yankee's 'Dura' has taken the world by storm.
Daddy Yankee's 'Dura' has taken the world by storm.

It looks like “Dura” is here to stay. Daddy Yankee’s hit song has surpassed 800 million views on YouTube and already reached one billion downloads.

According to the Nevarez Communications, the artist’s publicists, the song has already made history because it reached top sales in the United States and occupied the no. 1 spot for five consecutive weeks in the popularity lists and on digital platforms in more than 15 countries. It goes to show that the world isn’t ready to stop dancing to the catchy rhythm.

“Dura” was written by Daddy Yankee himself and produced by Urba, Rome & Gaby Music. Since breaking into the market on Jan. 19, the “Dura Challenge” has stirred up women around the world.

The track features a remix version with Bad Bunny, Natti Natasha and Becky G. The lyric video surpassed 100 million views three weeks after its premiere. Not to mention that it has come to occupy the first position in the radio of more than seven countries and the second in the Latin Airplay of North America.

But the song still has a way to go reach the level of the videos for “Shaky Shaky” and “Despacito,” two of Daddy Yankee’s megahits, the latter in a duet with Luis Fonsi, which in the summer of 2017 had already exceeded one billion of visits.

As “Dura” continues to climb, the Puerto Rican star  prepares a tour of the same name that will take him to 19 cities in Europe starting in July.