Derek Jeter crushes at #couplegoals, takes his wife out for Mother’s Day in Miami

Derek Jeter has become seriously domesticated.

Blame it on a little, tiny girl named Bella.

His daughter, who was born last August.

The New York Yankees legend turned Miami Marlins owner talked to UsWeekly while in NYC Saturday night for a launch party for his sister Sharlee Jeter’ s survivors’ book “The Stuff.”

We couldn’t help but envy his supermodel wife Hannah Jeter.

He is not only a hands on dad, but he understands that mommy is the queen of the castle.

On Mother’s Day, the sports superstar’s wife got all that, and more (babysitting).

After wrapping up a day at the office, he took his lady out.

“I was at work early. We had a game, and we went out to dinner,” Jeter told the gossip mag. “We spent time with our daughter, put her to sleep and then [went] out to dinner.”

The two dined at downtown Italian restaurant Cipriani, Us adds.