Cheers! Chrissy Teigen throws back rum

John Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen, in town for the Captain Morgan Sunday Rum Day bash at the Mondrian, were seen having an early dinner Saturday at Carpaccio. The dinner wasn’t quite romantic though as they had “two brawny bodyguards” with them at an adjacent table.

On Sunday night, the couple had a late dinner around midnight at Hakkasan. After dinner they went over to LIV and boogied the night away.

Earlier in the day Teigen and “The Captain” hung out poolside with guests and passed out some boozy popsicles with the brand’s new pineapple flavor. The model even got behind the bar to show onlookers how to mix up her signature cocktail, the refreshingly bubbly Freaky Teigy (with coconut water, a lime wedge and club soda).

Chrissy filled revelers in on “3 Freaky Facts” about her that most people don’t know.

The big one? She can’t swim.

Teigen was helping to kick off National Rum Day, Sunday. So start stocking your bars accordingly.