Maluma’s sexy lyrics are getting him into hot water. Again.

Maluma at Faena
Maluma at Faena

The Colombian singer Maluma may have 32 million followers on Instagram but there is a group that does not want him at the popular festival of San Antolín in Palencia, in northern Spain.

More than 17, 000 people have signed an electronic petition on so far to prevent the “Felices los cuatro” singer from appearing at the 8th edition of the festival.

“His sexist, misogynist and degrading lyrics towards everyone and women in particular should not be part of the festival’s program,” explains the petition, which was started by Carlota Lera just a week ago.

Lera objects to the singer being hired with funds that belong to the festival and argues he could perform in public venues.

Lera adds that there are many other musical alternatives that are “more appropriate and respectful” than the Colombian artist.

“If we want to see a change in society against machismo, we cannot support this type of music and even less so using public funds,” wrote one signer of the petition, identified as Lucía Ibáñez Torres.

Another signer, Rodolfo Franco Coavas wrote that Maluma “denigrates women, these are not lyrics that help us grow as a society.”

According to official announcements, Maluma will perform on Tuesday, Sept. 4 at the Municipal Stadium of La Balastera to close the festival of San Antolín. This would be one of the artist’s first concerts in Spain.

This is not the first time that Maluma is the center of a campaign on

A year ago, the petition to remove the music video “Cuatro Babys” was started because it was considered “absolutely demeaning for the female gender.”

“Please, let’s stop this. Let’s stop from supporting this type of content in mass distribution channels. The legitimization of these messages amplifies them,” said the application initiated by Laura Pérez Sánchez,  which obtained more than 94,000 signatures.

The video is still available on YouTube and has been viewed 831,000,000 times.