Demi Lovato is in Miami and we are basically stalking her. But not in a creepy way.

What's wrong with being confident? Demi Lovato salsas at Ball & Chain
What's wrong with being confident? Demi Lovato salsas at Ball & Chain

Demi Lovato is living her best Miami life, partying until 4 a.m. the night before her March 30 concert with DJ Khaled at the American Airlines Arena.

Lovato started her night Thursday at 11 p.m. at Prime 112 where she, singer/opening act Kehlani and her entire dance crew (party of 20) had dinner before working off the calories at Little Havana hot spot Ball & Chain.

At the Calle Ocho nightclub, Lovato and several members of her dance team bumped, grinded and got their salsa on like everyone was watching before heading out around 2 a.m.

But that wasn’t the end of the night! That was just the warm up.

Lovato & Co. then hit randy 24/7 ultra-club E11EVEN Miami where they were seen being escorted through the VIP door a little after 2 a.m. The crew sat in the storied party pit where Lovato was seen dancing and twerking with her backup dancers. The group only drank Red Bulls and water–Lovato recently celebrated her six-year sobriety.

As the “Confident singer” was walking out, singer Bryson Tiller and friends walked into the back door. They exchanged hellos and hugs before Tiller walked inside. Lovato left E11EVEN at 4 a.m. but stopped to pose for pictures with  E11EVEN Miami’s signature hats.

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Demi, please don’t take out a restraining order. We just love you so much.