Miami isn’t the most traffic-congested place in the world. But it’s up there.

Taillights on Galloway Road. Been there, done that.
Taillights on Galloway Road. Been there, done that.

Congratulations, Miami. You are not the most congested city in the world.

Oh, we know you feel that you are when you’re trapped in Miami traffic, that unwavering sea of tail lights on 836 or the Palmetto or I-95 or  North Kendall Drive or Biscayne Boulevard or …well, basically any road in Miami-Dade County.

But the truth is we are only the 10th most congested city on the planet.

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According to the most recent study from the global analysis firm INRIX, Miami rates behind nine other cities around the world when it comes to congestion. There are only four U.S. cities ahead of us, which is no small accomplishment.

But there are poor souls who spend more hours in their cars every year than we do. Take Los Angeles, for example. Drivers in the City of Angels spent an average of 102 hours in 2017 stuck in their cars, with none of that “La La Land” dancing on the freeways to distract them in real life.

In Miami, we spend 64 hours last year in traffic, probably using deeply inappropriate language and flipping off fellow drivers. Although I suspect INRIX would change its tune and up that number should its researchers ever try to get to South Beach during Art Basel.

Rounding out slots 2 through 9 on INRIX’s top 10 list: Moscow; New York City; Sao Paulo, Brazil; San Francisco; Bogota, Colombia; London; Atlanta; and Paris.

So we’re only no. 10. But hey, Miami traffic is bad enough that it’s really easy to get score on our bingo card. Try it and see.

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