There’s something really wrong with the poster for The Rock’s new movie

Dwyane The Rock Johnson
Dwyane The Rock Johnson

Dwayne Johnson may play a major action star on the big screen, but some of his stunts have been a little on the outlandish side.

We think he’s finally jumped the shark, so to speak.

Yep, the former wrestler known as The Rock is catching some heat over a poster for his latest movie, “Skyscraper.” In the film, he plays a one-legged former FBI agent overseeing the security of the tallest building in the world in China.

The trailer debuted during the Super Bowl and the movie star teased a picture of the poster on his social media. Almost immediately,  Twitter blew up with complaints about the physics of the scene: Johnson jumping from a crane to a burning building.

For him to escape the situation he is in in the picture, Johnson would have to be a superhero, says the Internet.

Apparently, people have a lot of time on their hands: scientific types were analyzing the poster to bits, with author James Smythe  saying this stunt would be logistically impossible and likely lead to the character’s death.

One commenter with the handle @ChristianBedwel  obviously took a lot of time out his day to break this thing down: “So I did some science. Assuming that there is no “jump-off” (which seems to be optimal here)  we can determine that the Rock would need to leave the platform at 12.7 meters per second (appr. 28.4 mph). For comparison, Usain Bolt’s fastest recorded speed is 27.4 mph.”

Whoa. As we said: too much time on their hands.  Maybe try knitting or racquetball?

At least someone with the handle @icywarm had a sense of humor about the situation: “Is it possible that @TheRock has extra large lats and they act like a fixed-winged-flying-squirrel get-up that lets him glide between elevations?”