Miami Mojitos? Pythons? Here are your favorite names for David Beckham’s MLS team

What's it gonna be, Becks?
What's it gonna be, Becks? Arthur Mola/Invision/AP

At noon Monday, the announcement finally arrives: David Beckham and his partners will lay out the official plans for a Miami MLS franchise.

The event at the Knight Concert Hall has sold out, but you can watch the live announcement here. 

We know you have many burning questions about this new soccer team.  Will the team build the stadium in Overtown, as rumored? What’s the parking situation? How much will tickets cost? What will David Beckham be wearing and is there any chance of getting a selfie with him?

What’s most important, of course, is this: What should the team’s name be?

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Last week we took a super scientific poll, asking you to vote on a few suggestions we had. Here’s what readers chose.

The Miami King Tides rose swiftly (as King Tides do) to the top of the pack in the “Weather” category with 47.06 percent of the vote. It received the highest percentage of votes for any idea in all five of our categories, so we’re declaring it the official-unofficial winner. We’re not entirely sure how to design this logo to be menacing – we’re not talking Miami Rogue Wave here – but we’re sure Mr. Beckham could get a good design team on it.

Other top vote getters in descending order included Miami Pythons; Miami Mojitos; Miami Kickbacks; Miami Flamingos.

Your least favorite choice? The Miami Caja Chinas. We’re a little disappointed nobody liked this one because we still think that motto is solid: “We’ll roast our opponents like lechon on Noche Buena.”

Readers also had some good suggestions of their own. “Miami United – so simple,” wrote Eduard Dantes. Classic.

Mikko Valtonen, remembering a recent controversy over the ridiculous drink prices at some Ocean Drive restaurants, suggested the “Miami $55 Margaritas.”

Roger Hook also had the right idea: “The Miami Sweat.”

Monica Gruber chimed in with “Miami Cafecitos,” which harkens back to our suggestion of “Miami Coladas” and falls beautifully off the tongue. But Gruber’s other idea is even more Miami, though it might be tough to fit on a jersey: “The Miami Terrible Drivers.”