University of Miami ‘Sea Secrets’ lecture series to explore ocean mysteries


Want to better understand how the sea factors into climate change, national defense and why some scientists believe modern times should be declared the Anthropocene Era? Tune in to Sea Secrets.

The University of Miami’s annual lecture series kicked off Tuesday with a look at the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the largest marine spill in history. Over the coming months, scientists will explore how ice ages wax and wane, what makes fish glow at the bottom of the ocean – and how that might help cure cancer – and why a sustainable ocean could make the U.S. more secure.

Scientist, photographer and explorer James Balog will present his mesmerizing images of ice, water, fire and wildlife featured in the award-winning documentary Chasing Ice. Award-winning author and Rolling Stone contributing editor Jeff Goodell will also discuss his latest book, The Water Will Come during the six lecture series.

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