Shaggy talks new single, Brian Williams and state of reggae

Shaggy needs your love. At least that’s what seeps through the Jamaican native’s island vocals on his new single “I Need Your Love,” which features Mohombi, Faydee and Costi. 

The song’s infectious chorus, paired with Shaggy’s verses, makes it easy to sing-along to. Sound familiar? 

The Grammy Award winner is no stranger to hit collaborations. His repertoire of party popping tracks includes “Boombastic,” “Angel” featuring Rayvon and “It Wasn’t Me” featuring RikRok. 

And, as far as looking for collaborators, Shaggy had a simple explanation when we interviewed him for

“It’s what sonically sounds great,” he said.

These days, the reggae artist is performing all over. He performed at a Building Hope Gala for South Florida nonprofit Food For The Poor in Boca Raton last week. The gala was intended to raise money to build homes in Haiti. 

Plus, there may be more music on the horizon. Or so we think.

“I’m sure we’ll get back into an album,” Shaggy said.

Nonetheless, the reggae genre has treated the islander well. His most recent album, “Out of Many, One Music,” picked up a 2015 Grammy nomination for Best Reggae Album. 

Still, Shaggy told us that the industry is a lot different from when he first entered it in the 90s. He said that there is a lot less chart action happening, but new artists such as Magic! “put reggae back on everybody’s tongue.” 

“I like when you hear reggae in the mainstream, it gives us more of a leverage,” Shaggy said. “And it keeps the genre alive.” 

One little known fact – the reggae hit maker is also a veteran. He served as a Marine in the first Gulf War. 

So, we got his thoughts on “NBC Nightly News” anchor Brian Williams’ debacle that has recently unfolded. Williams admitted that he was not on a helicopter that was shot down in Iraq in 2003 and was subsequently suspended by NBC for six months without pay. 

Shaggy, perhaps bluntly, called it “damn stupid.”

“Why would you say something that never happened?” he said. 

Getting back to the music, Shaggy’s new single now has more than 17 million YouTube views. 

A “feel good record,” according to Shaggy.

We agree.