Rice-loving rodents shut down a Miami restaurant for 3 days. Then there was the pasta.

Perhaps the most surprising part of this month’s Rodent Report isn’t how many 40-pound bags of rice Kirin Sushi had to toss out, or that an inspector used the phrase “bain marie,” but that only three of the 12 Miami-Dade and Broward restaurants cited got shut down for the day.

Once again, we bring you the rodent parts of state restaurant inspection reports without passion or prejudice, but hopefully with a little humor. We don’t control who gets inspected or how harshly they’re inspected.

As usual, we’ll start with the restaurants that did get shut down for the day or more, wholly or partially on rodent presence.

▪ Angelina’s Coffee & Juice, 3451 NE First Ave., Miami — On Jan. 10, Angelina’s was open for the rodents, then closed early. The inspector saw “front double glass door has a gap … evidence of vermin present.”

Here’s other evidence, at least 140 dry rodent poop pellets, broken down this way: 10 to 15 in bar area front counter on wooden shelf; 20 to 25 on the shelf underneath the cash register; 20-plus in the cabinet by the juicer at the front counter; 40-plus underneath stove flattop; 20-plus on the floor between the three-compartment sink and bain marie; 20-plus on a shelf that has containers of flour and sugar; 10-plus on a shelf next to the dishwashing machine.

And here’s a High Priority violation you don’t see often — too much chlorine in the sanitizing solution. Usually, it’s not enough.

Angelina’s got it back together enough to reopen on Jan. 11.

▪ Kirin Sushi Take Out, 10430 W. Atlantic Blvd, Coral Springs — This four-star place on Yelp apparently must also get great reviews from the rodent community. That, or a sushi-loving rodent is an excessively regular rodent. On Wednesday, the inspector darn near needed an abacus.

Around the front counter sushi station and the sushi cool, the inspector saw about 50 dried rodent droppings on the floor. There’s a couch and computer near reach-in freezers in the middle of the kitchen. The inspector saw 55 dry droppings around there as well as 35 dry ones on the floor around white and silver reach-in coolers. There were seven dried droppings on top of clear tape around pipe going through ceiling behind the white Frigidaire reach-in cooler. The poop count reached 60 on the floor under crates and on cardboard above crates that held bags of rice. And there were 26 or more dried rodent droppings in the back storage area under dry storage shelves, the prep table and under the shelf across from mop sink.

A Stop Sale order got dropped on a 40-pound bag of Shirakiku White Fancy Rice because of six dried droppings around the bag in the dry storage area.

Needless to say, this ended business Wednesday. Come Thursday’s re-inspection, the poop pellet volume fell, but not enough to reopen. Among the 40 dry droppings counted were one by the front counter register, 10 by the front counter sushi prep table and one on top of another bag of Shirakiku White Fancy Rice. One more bag tossed, one more day with no business.

Friday, the inspector saw “one dried rodent dropping in a cardboard box next to vinegar in front of dry storage shelf in back prep area.” The owner tossed that box and yet another 40-pound bag of rice after the inspector counted, “at least 12 dried rodent droppings in corner on floor behind shelf near 40 lb bags of rice.”

Kirin Sushi finally passed muster on Saturday.

▪ Only Devotion Catering, 1541 SE 12th Ave., Homestead — Two of the three High Priority violations found Wednesday were 20 dried rodent droppings found in a food storage room on the floor and on top of two unopened boxes of pasta and the Stop Sale put on the pasta. There was evidence of gnawing on the unopened pasta package.

Only Devotion was back in business on Thursday.

Sometimes, the presence of four-legged guests doesn’t guarantee a shutdown. Each of these places received a warning after being inspected.

▪ Aroma Catering, 530 Sherazad Blvd., Opa-locka — About “10 dry rodent droppings under wood pallets used to store single service items cases.”

▪ Chop Suey International Chinese Restaurant, 90 SW 27th Ave., Miami — This place stayed open despite a fat 51 violations, perhaps because only three were High Priority violations. But one of those came from rodent rub marks at the coffee and tea station’s walls and/or ceilings.

▪ La Bodeguita de Hialeah, 1044 W. 23rd St., Hialeah — About five dry droppings were on a shelf under the bar with chemicals, cash register paper and other office items.

▪ Rob’s Bageland at Lakeview, 1420 Coral Ridge Dr., Coral Springs — “Observed about 25 dried rodent droppings along wall in corner by triple sink, and eight dried droppings under soda machine in front counter area near kitchen entrance.”

▪ Taj Fine Indian Cuisine, 201 SE 15th Ter., Deerfield Beach — The dry rodent droppings, nine of them, were in the dry storage hallway near a back door.

▪ Taj Mahal Bengal Indian Cuisine, 4579 NW 36th St., Miami Springs — The dishwasher area, including the top of the dishwasher, had 20-30 dry pieces of rodent dung.

▪ Tania Restaurant, 944 Hialeah Dr., Hialeah — The inspector saw “approximately 30 dry rodent droppings on the floor inside storage trailer in the back area. Storage has cases of single service items. Observed approximately 20 dry droppings on shelves under front counter.”

▪ Tommy Fats, 3439 NW 99th Way, Coral Springs — Four dried rodent droppings on the floor in the front counter area under flip top cooler and two dried ones on the floor in the back prep area.

▪ Jacky Lee’s Chinese Cuisine, 10422 W. Atlantic Blvd., Coral Springs — “Observed at least 22 dried rodent droppings under shelf with cardboard and drinks next to white Kenmore cooler. Observed at least 25 dried rodent droppings in front counter register area on floor.”