What the heck is Oola? It’s coming to Miami, to collect your dreams

What is OOLA?

It’s a lifestyle created by two guys, Troy Amdahl and Dave Braun.

They shortened the French phrase “Oo-la-la.”

Oh, they also wrote a book,  “Oola: Find Balance in an Unbalanced World,” as well as  “Oola for Women: Find Balance in an Unbalanced World.”

In short, in order for you to have a balanced life and reach the state of “OOLA,” you need to have the seven F’s aligned:  fitness, finance, family, field (career), faith, friends and fun.

Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” says, “Oola is happy inspiration!”

Now the OolaGuys are “on a mission to change the world” with their thought-up word.

Their Oola Dream Tour is on the road and traveling to all 50 states in a vintage 1970 VW Surf Bus “collecting dreams” in the form of handwritten stickers stuck to the sides and front of the souped up wheels.

They hit South Florida at7 pm Jan 12  at Books & Books in Coral Gables, 265 Aragon Ave., Coral Gables; 305-442-4408