Miami Beach doc tells you how to look younger. Fast.

Dr Jason Sanders of Azuri Med Spa
Dr Jason Sanders of Azuri Med Spa

Dr. Jason Sanders knows what Miamians want: to look hot.

The local doctor just opened Azuri Medical Aesthetics & Rejuvenation Center in Miami Beach, a one-stop shop for getting gorgeous.

The latest in quick-fix treatments (besides fillers, of course) include CoolSculpting, a nonsurgical fat-freezing procedure;  so called biomimetic therapies —to restore volume, texture and tone to your skin; and facial threading, a hot trend in celebrity circles.

The good doc uses NovaThreads,  made out of a dissolvable material called polydioxanone (PDO),  the same material used sutures for internal surgeries. Results last about six  months or more, depending on the area treated.

“It’s a cutting edge procedure that involves very little downtime,” said Sanders of threading. “It’s an alternative to a facelift, which a lot of people don’t want to do, and gives you a very natural look.”

Worshipped the sun one too many times over  your lifetime? You can plant your face in his high tech Visia machine, which captures images of your skin damage and analyzes how you can turn back the clock on your complexion.

Info: 300 W 41st St. Suite 100, Miami Beach, Fl. ; 305-770-6065.