Hialeah is ‘The City of Progress.’ Not so much for 2018 resolutions, new study says

Leah Arts District
Leah Arts District

Is it time for New Year’s resolutions to begin unraveling yet? It might be too early to make that call, but if you live in one South Florida city you might want to stop before you even get started.

That’s according to a recent study that places Hialeah near the top of a list of the worst United States cities for keeping New Year’s resolutions. The so-called “City of Progress” struggles to live up to that nickname in several categories in the study conducted by researchers at personal finance website WalletHub.

Some of the top resolutions for 2018 include eating healthier, getting more exercise and saving more money, according to the online statistic site Statista. Other resolutions are focusing on self care, reading more and making new friends.

WalletHub classified typical New Year’s resolutions into health, financial, school and work, bad habits, and relationship resolutions then compared 182 large U.S. cities.

Hialeah ranked poorly in most of the study’s categories.

Hoping to get a head start on your 401(K)? It’s not going to be easy if you’re one of Hialeah’s 224,000 residents. WalletHub named Hialeah the worst place to realize financial goals using factors such as the rate of income growth, debt-to-income ratio, home ownership rates and housing affordability. Miami follows behind in a close second.

Hialeah is the worst city for keeping 2018 New Year’s resolutions behind two cities in Mississippi (including Gulfport at No. 1); Shreveport, Louisiana; Newark, New Jersey; Detroit, Michigan; Augusta, Georgia and two cities in Alabama.

The city often comes up short in studies about diversity, health and happiness.

But there is good news for those Hialeah residents looking to kick a bad habit. A major breakthrough could be on the way if you live in Hialeah, WalletHub says. The city has promising statistics as it relates to the prevalence of abusive drinking, drug use, access and overdose, and gambling — it’s among the top 10 cities with the least problems in those categories.

Probably the most relatable, though? One of the largest responses to a survey about 2018 New Year’s resolutions was “I don’t plan on making New Year’s resolutions.” If you don’t have to worry about a resolution, then who cares where your city ranks in this study?

Maybe Hialeah is on to something.