Walter Mercado has your horoscope for Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2018

Walter Mercado predicts what will happen in the world for 2019.
Walter Mercado predicts what will happen in the world for 2019. AP


(March 21st -April 19th)

You will show greater interest in the profound things of life such as past lives, life and death and everything related to the soul. You have already learned to forgive the unforgivable. You have forgiven friends who disappointed you and relatives who betrayed you. Now you are free. Lucky numbers: 12, 8, 44

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(April 20th -May 20th)

The most beautiful and exquisite aspects of your individuality are distinguishing themselves. You will not have to pretend or put on masks to be able to conquer or stand out. Being yourself, you will emerge victorious from any battle and you will become a force you never imagined. Now you can enjoy material and spiritual riches. Lucky numbers: 20, 15, 41


(May 21th -June 20th)

After aches and health problems, you recover and become what you once were. Everything that happened has given you wisdom on how to take care of your body, your mind, your soul. Diet and exercises are important, as well as a lot of meditation. Relax, rest and laugh a lot. Lucky numbers: 49, 7, 13


(June 21 -July 22)

You will overcome suffering and disappointment in your love life and with friends. You will begin to see the world with the eyes of a child and you will once again marvel at the beauties of divine creation. Your social life expands and will offer you opportunities to be happy with someone who shares your interests. Lucky numbers: 28, 15, 33.


(July 23th -Aug. 22nd)

Take your time to do your own thing without anyone rushing you. Do not focus on disagreements with your family or partner. Keep in mind that in every relationship there are ups and downs. Follow your intuition in everything related to finance and love. Apply what has been learned in past experiences. Lucky numbers: 4, 32, 18.


(Aug. 23rd -Sept. 22)

Revere the artistic and cultural. Everything you do will be admired by many and envied by others. Your star shines again with more light. You will now be above all the evil that may be haunting your life. Good luck will come from abroad. Lucky numbers: 6, 35, 2


(Sept. 23-Oct 22)

You will begin to know yourself better. Take care of your spirit by feeding it with books of inspiration or mysticism, as well as practicing meditation and yoga. You will change your skin and begin a period of resurgence, resurrection and recycling. You will rise with new energy to overcome everything. Lucky numbers: 17, 22, 38.


(Oct. 23 – Nov. 21)

Your social life will improve and you gain excellent friends and collaborators. You will forget fear, insecurity and the panic over what others may say or think about you. Pay more attention to your image. Update your look with changes to your hairstyle, wardrobe, makeup, etc. Lucky numbers: 9, 44, 5


(Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

Partnerships with foreigners or people of different ages will be of great help in your personal development. An excellent period has arrived for self improvement, studies and intellectual pursuits. Let the forces of love flow in your life. Love everything you do and apply passion. Lucky numbers: 18, 10, 2.


(Dec. 22 -Jan. 19)

That which was apparently buried revived so that you now deal with it for the last time. Avoid, however, danger and illicit complications. You will notice that you have evolved, matured and enriched yourself through painful experiences. Nothing you have has come to you for free. Lucky numbers: 50, 14, 16


(Jan. 20 -Feb. 18)

You will make wise decisions regarding love. You will no longer beg or suffer for anyone. Now you value yourself and are championing yourself. You will take care of yourself, love yourself and do whatever it takes to take care of your peace of mind and your physical and emotional health. It’s time to leave the past behind. Lucky numbers: 11, 30, 4


(Feb. 19 -March 20)

You have gone through a period of indecision and insecurity, but now you stabilize and find your center, your balance, your harmony. Past experiences have taught you that following advice is a good tool to achieve success. You put down roots and you stabilize. Lucky numbers: 38, 6, 20