Even the Cash Me Outside girl is dragging Logan Paul

The Cash Me Outside girl has opinions.

We know this.

The young lady born Danielle Bregoli, who reached infamy status on the “Dr Phil Show” has made quite a name for herself. The Boynton Beach upstart now calls L.A. home shopping her reality show, carving out a path in singing and causing occasional havoc.

We normally don’t listen to what Bregoli has to say (we barely can understand what she is saying with her street meets mildly Cajun accent) but were interested when it came to Logan Paul.

CMO collaborated with the YouTube star, who is currently under fire for posting a disturbing video of Japan’s so-called Suicide Forest.

TMZ caught up with Cashie at LAX and asked what she thought about the scandal. She had no issue about Paul’s filming of the forest, as that is part of his job as a vlogger, aka clickbaiter.

“Everything was kind of OK,” said the 14 year old to the cameraman.  “It wasn’t OK that he filmed it  but when you’re laughing…that’s crossing the line.”

Bregoli acknowledged the fact that Paul said he was trying to bring attention to depression and suicide worldwide, but condemned that the Internet sensation walked over to the hanging body of a lifeless boy who had just killed himself.

“Depression is a sad thing,”said Bregoli. “You’re going to stop and laugh and stand next to the guy? I think it’s kind of disgusting. That’s not OK.”

The cameraman mentioned that Paul had apologized for his lack of sensitivity.

“Do you kill someone and apologize for it and that makes it OK?” she railed back.

Logan, watch out: Bregoli may want to take you outside.