Yes, Miami is cold. But at least we don’ t have to worry about a bomb cyclone

Miami is cold.

For us, that is.

A Northerner would trade places with us in a New York minute right about now.

Yep, as we yelp about temperatures in the 40s, some unfortunate souls are literally trudging to work amid a 24 degree snowstorm of epic proportions.

The weather is so bad up there experts are throwing around the scariest meteorological term we’ve ever heard in a while: “bomb cyclone.”


In simplest terms, the snow is going to come down so bad (up to 17 inches), it’ll be like a bomb going off. Popular Science describes it like this: “The official term is explosive cyclogenesis, or bombogenesis, a phenomenon that occurs during an extremely low pressure system.

This storm has forced roughly 3,000 flight cancellations, already. Times Square looks like a tundra (only with taxis).

'Bomb Cyclone' Live, 1/4/18

WATCH LIVE: Snowy 'bomb cyclone' hits Northeast, forcing more than 3,000 flight cancellations.

Posted by Yahoo News on Thursday, January 4, 2018

In other words, we have it pretty good, people. It’s friggin 54 degrees; that’s 22 degrees above freezing.

Granted, Thursday night, the low is 40. So put on the heat, cozy socks and a sweater.

And just stop.