DJ Khaled went on a diet, and this company’s shares actually went up

Say goodbye to the old DJ Khaled! He's about to get FIT.
Say goodbye to the old DJ Khaled! He's about to get FIT.

DJ Khaled’s son Asahd is no longer going to be the never-ending topic of discussion on the rap producer’s SnapChat account. Now the Miami-based super producer is going to be spending much of his social media time documenting his weight loss journey as the “Social Media Ambassador” for Weight Watchers.

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The company, whose shares were #blessed with a DJ Khaled bump of 6 percent after Tuesday’s announcement, has been cashing in on celebrity endorsements. Oprah Winfrey bought into the company in 2015 and has since been celeb spokeswoman, boasting about her weight loss while snacking on tacos and bread.

DJ Khaled, who claims to have already lost 20 pounds, was tapped because of his huge social media audience, which includes 3.4 million on Facebook, 3.92 million on Twitter, 8.9 million on Instagram and a reported 3-4 million views for his Snapchat posts. He will be working with a Weight Watchers’ coach and using the company’s mobile app to keep him on target.

Here’s to a leaner DJ Khaled for 2018!