Ivanka Trump, on fashion, work, motherhood, Miami

Ivanka Trump is often described as “having it all.” Afraid to break it to you folks, it’s true. Donald Trump’s poised, elegant, knockout daughter from his first marriage to former Czech model Ivana Trump really has her act together. The Wharton-educated native New Yorker’s exact job title is Executive Vice President of Development & Acquisitions at The Trump Organization, but her business card needs a few hyphens. Tack on interior decorator, fashion designer, philanthropist, mom of two (husband is The New York Observer owner Jared Kushner) and reality star, having just wrapped up cohosting duties on Celebrity Apprentice Season 7.

We spoke to Ivanka, on a rare, recent chilly day, at the family’s Trump National Doral ahead of the WGC Cadillac golf tournament. Blonde hair in a perfectly kept up-do, the 33-year-old was wearing an emerald green shift paired with leopard print heels — her own label — and a large, gracious smile.

What do you think of our version of winter weather?

Ha. Well, I’m afraid everyone who has come in from New York City is disappointed. They’re saying, ‘We’re in Florida! The palm trees are swaying. What happened?’ But I know you folks are probably a little excited to get to wear boots and coats and clothing you never get to pull out of your closets. I think it’s amazing and certainly better than the temperatures we are having back home.

You were so instrumental in the makeover of this property. Can you talk about that?

This resort has so much history and it was always very special but we wanted to bring it to a different level and marry the golf experience with not just a beautiful, luxurious environment but also the geography. I mean, oftentimes you have a great golf experience and that’s where it stops. One of the unique things about this tournament is that normally you land in a city and then drive six hours to a course in the middle of nowhere. We’re embracing that we’re in the middle of the vibrant city of Miami.

What else are you involved with in regards to the tourney?

On Thursday, I’ll be hosting a fashion show at the Royal Palm pool with Dolce & Gabbana, who are dear friends of mine flying in from Italy for this. It will have a Sicilian theme, I hear. Last year we had the unbelievable Carolina Herrera here. I’ll definitely be wearing something special. On Saturday night there will be a massive Santana concert.

You have so much going on. How do you also fit working on your lifestyle label and other projects?

My brand is geared toward the modern professional woman. The way we dress has evolved. It’s very transitional today. We get dressed for work, then right after work we go out with girlfriends, or on a date night with our husbands or play on the floor with our kids. We’re not in black pantsuits anymore. There’s a feminity and power in the way we dress and I want to celebrate this next generation. The stereotypical term ‘working woman’ almost has a negative connotation to it. So on my website I rounded up some of my friends who inspire me for an initiative called #WomenWhoWork. We show clips of these professionals who have unbelievable stories despite their great resumes, which are just one part of who they are. They are sisters, mothers, going to school, training for marathons. I encourage all women to join the conversation.

How do you think times have changed since the ’80s when your mom raised you?

The world is so different with technology. You’re working from home or you’re video chatting with your kids while you’re at the office. It’s become one life as opposed to two different silo experiences.

Finally, why did you think Leeza Gibbons won Celebrity Apprentice?

She is a star! Leeze is so elegant and kind. In a season that was defined by so much sort of animosity and hatred she was the voice of calm and reason.

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