Pick your favorites now. Love & Hip Hop Miami’s cast is a mix of legends and unknowns

The Love & Hip Hop franchise is finally making its way to Miami. Love & Hip Hop Miami is promising to be full of drama (as usual), but this time Haitian-American producer Mona Scott-Young has invited two artists with established careers.

Trina and Trick Daddy will mingle among emerging artists and personalities. The franchise’s entry in Miami could be seen as controversial. Love & Hip Hop has a reputation for showcasing terrible behavior from people of color, but the show has also been able to catapult the career of breakout rapper Cardi B. With series in New York, Atlanta and Hollywood, Love & Hip Hop’s latest chapter validates the 305’s influence in the world of music and entertainment.

Catch the premiere of Love & Hip Hop Miami on Jan. 1 at 9 p.m. on VH1. Here’s a rundown on the prominent cast members.

Trina Rockstar

She really needs no introduction. Katrina “Trina” Taylor is Miami rap royalty. The 43 year old hails from Liberty City and rose to fame for her sexually explicit lyrics. She goes by the moniker “The Baddest Bitch.”

Trick Daddy

Trick Daddy is another Miami rapper whose name should be familiar to fans. He’s a frequent collaborator with Trina but faded from the music industry during a health scare that resulted in a lupus diagnosis. Trick is known for his service in some of Miami-Dade County’s most disenfranchised communities, including his own Liberty City, where the motto “Trick luh da kids” rings true year after year. He’s also known as the “Mayor of Dade County.” He and Trina have both said a reality show about music in Miami simply could not exist without them on the cast.

They’re probably right.

Amara La Negra

Allapatah-bred Amara La Negra is a Dominican rapper and singer. She made multiple appearances as a child on the popular Univision variety show “Sábado Gigante” and rose in the Latin music world with songs like “Ayy” and “Asi.” In 2016, television host Geisha Montes de Oca mocked Amara by performing with black face, hip padding and a large afro. Amara embraces and celebrates her black heritage in her music and appearance and said she hopes for more visibility for Afro Latina artists.


Gunplay was born in El Paso, Texas to Jamaican and Puerto Rican parents. But at a young age he moved to the Carol City neighborhood in Miami where he later linked up with Rick Ross to form the hip-hop group Carol City Cartel. As a solo artist, Gunplay has been featured on records by hip hop greats Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne and, of course, Rick Ross. He’s also struggled with drug abuse.

Young Hollywood

Young Hollywood is a Miami-born music producer of Puerto Rican descent. He’s worked with trap Latin artists Farruko and Lary Over.

Veronica Vega

Is a Spanish-English language singer of Cuban and Venezuelan descent from Hialeah. One of her musical mentors is Pitbull, who was featured on one of her early singles “Wicked.” Vega refers to herself as “La Barbie Latina,” according to her Instagram page. She is working on the release of an EP, the single for which has not yet been named.

Miami Tip

Miami Tip, also known as Tip Drill, is a former King of Diamonds stripper from Coral Springs. Her biggest claim to fame was a awe-inspiring routine at King of Diamonds in which she would slide down a three-story pole, stopping inches from the ground. The move made her a favorite among hip hop’s finest – with lyrics and cameos to prove their adoration. In February 2012 everything came crashing to a halting screech when her signature trick resulted in a face-first fall. Her injuries scared her out of the business and inspired her to take up music. She now funds her rapping career by dancing occasionally.


Prince is a South Beach party promoter and self-acclaimed “Prince of South Beach.” He’s also close friends with the Broward County prosecutor who had a brief moment of notoriety as #LawyerBae.


Joanna “JoJo” Zarur is a celebrity stylists with a clientele that includes athletes and some of the hottest rappers, such as Migos’ Offset. She is the former stylist of Young Thug whose fashion sense was considered controversial because of gender-bending looks. JoJo also owns her own Miami boutique, called Zarur on Biscayne Boulevard, though she made it big in Atlanta. Her story on Love & Hip Hop Miami appears to chronicle a conflict over money between her parents.

Pleasure P

Pleasure P is the former lead singer of the Florida-based boy band Pretty Ricky. The group was known for its vulgar lyrics over harmonized R&B beats in songs such as “Grind With Me.”

Shay Johnson

A familiar face on VH1 reality television, Shay Johnson first appeared on the second season of Flavor of Love and hasn’t stopped making TV appearances since. She’s also been on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta but is bopping her way to Miami as the love interest of Pleasure P.

Bobby Lytes

Bobby Lytes is an aspiring rapper and cousin to Trina. The gay rapper is from Homestead.