Miami ranked 8th best city for New Year’s Eve. Wait, who’s better than us?

Pitbull and New Year's Eve go together like Miami and overpriced bottle service.
Pitbull and New Year's Eve go together like Miami and overpriced bottle service.

You may think Miami is the best place to party on New Year’s Eve. But WalletHub says you’re wrong.

The personal finance website has decreed Miami only the eighth best city in which to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Eighth? How is this possible? Sure, you need to take out a home equity loan to go out on NYE, and you could buy a new car for what you’ll pay for an Uber.

But Miami’s got the restaurants. And clubs. Miami’s got Pitbull, for the love of God. Fox may have decided Steve Harvey was a more bangin’ host for its NYE show than Mr. 305, but we know who we’d rather hang out with. Even if it costs $295 a ticket.

We understand that New York City is the undisputed No. 1, given the Times Square tradition and that rule that New York City is always the best and most important city in the world. And sure, city no. 2 – Orlando – has all that prefab Disney garbage while Miami prefers to keep it real with  overpriced bottle service.

Forget this nonsense and make your plans for NYE 2018 in Miami

But ahead of Miami are Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago.


Have these people ever been to Chicago in January? Or October, for that matter? Clearly not or they would’ve died of hypothermia. What’s Chicago’s NYE claim to fame, a bratwurst dropping from the side of the Sears Tower?

Apparently, though, there is a method to WalletHub’s madness. It rated 100 U.S. cities on different criteria: per capita evaluations of nightlife options, restaurants, luxury shopping and gourmet food stores, events and music venues; walkability; legality of fireworks; and the average price of the NYE party ticket.

Miami came in first in only one category: legality of fireworks. We’re no. 1!

The city scored relatively high in a few other areas, too: third in restaurants per capita, fourth in New Year’s Eve events and even sixth in walkability. The last one is hard to believe considering the traffic on South Beach this time of year.

But you know in your heart what dropped us from our rightful spot at no. 1. Miami logged in at 100 out of 100 in cost (New York was 99).

Of course you can always spend less partying in Omaha, Detroit and Columbus, Ohio. But remember, you get what you pay for.

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