Miami Art Week isn’t just for the super rich. Here’s where to find (relatively) affordable art.

'Lola' by artist Preta Wolzak of Rademakers Gallery will be on display at AQUA Art Miami.
'Lola' by artist Preta Wolzak of Rademakers Gallery will be on display at AQUA Art Miami. photo: thijs wolzak

When it comes to the art work at Art Basel, if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

But even if you don’t have an extra $40,000 (or $4 million) lying around, but you still might be tempted to buy. We canvased a few of our experts (writers Anne Tschida and Siobhan Morrissey, and art consultant Lisa Austin) and came up with these hunting grounds for affordable art during Miami Art Week. 

Word to the wise: Art can increase in value, but often doesn’t — especially when acquired at a low price point. Buy things you love, and you’ll enjoy them regardless of price. 

  • NADA (New Art Dealers Association), at the Ice Palace: While prices have risen even here, you can find some limited-edition photographs, other multiples and even original works here that fall under $500. Tip: Go on Thursday if you can.
  • Ink, at the Suites of Dorchester: These works on paper are all limited-edition multiples. While most will be outside the budget, it’s worth a look around.
  • Satellite Art Show, at the Ocean Terrace Hotel, run by artists, describes itself as “the antagonist to the standard fair.”

    HG Contemporary_Laura Kimpton_BE ART
    Artist Laura Kimpton's work "BE ART" courtesy of HG Contemporary will be at AQUA Art Miami Josh Miller

  • AquaArtat the Aqua Hotel, features fresh talent that is often more affordable.
  • Fridge Art Fair, at the Blue Moon Hotel. This show focuses on small works — many with small prices.
  • Local galleries: Don’t forget them! During Art Week and beyond, local galleries feature work that sometimes fall within this range. Even when they don’t, you’ll have fun looking.