Justin Bieber misses another hearing

Pop star Justin Bieber missed another hearing in the lawsuit brought against him in Miami by a photographer who claims he was roughed up by Bieber’s bodyguard on the singer’s order last year near a local recording studio. The Biebs was supposed to be at a 1p.m. mediation session before retired judge Ellen Leesfield Thursday in Coral Gables. Five of Bieber’s 10 lawyers on the case and Mark DiCowden, the photographer’s attorney, waited but it quickly became obvious that Bieber wouldn’t show. Now, the lawyers on both sides are arguing whether Bieber even had to be there. Attorney Roy Black, Bieber’s guy, says the singer of Baby Baby didn’t have to show because an insurance adjuster with the power to settle the case was there. DiCowden filed a motion for sanctions against Bieber for acting in “bad faith.”