Rick Ross gets Miami Heat tattoo on his face

Rick Ross’ love for the Miami Heat is solidified. It wasn’t enough for the rapper, often seen courtside at AAA, to wear team memorabilia.

He went and got himself a tattoo of the flaming basket, right by his temple (um, ouch?). Vibe reports that the Miami native visited a Farmingdale, New Jersey, tat shop this week called Unroyal Ink, which Instagrammed a picture of its famous client. “Tattooing the Hood Billionaire,” read the caption, referencing the name of his new album.

MTV News spoke to the shop’s owner, Ian Griffith, about the experience: “I’ve been tattooing for eight years and I’ve never tattooed someone who can sit and get tattooed as long as Ross,” he said. “He’s really the boss when it comes to these tattoos.”

You want true blue? Vibe reports the “All I Do is Win” singer told Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex that he would bet a cool $100,000 that the newly LeBron James-less Heat would close out the season with a better record than King James’ team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. But TMZ reports that it was all a big joke.

For those keeping track, as of Thursday, the Heat are 15-20, the Cavs 19-17.

Not that Ross, who turns 39 on Jan. 28, can’t afford it. According to the website Celebrity Net Worth, he has about $35 million, give or take a few bucks, in his bank account.

It’s good to be the boss.