Here’s why an artist who hates flying created her own exclusive airline.

Qinmin Liu thinks flying is no laughing matter--until now
Qinmin Liu thinks flying is no laughing matter--until now

Remember that big stink people made when Madonna was spotted flying on a commercial airline recently? If not, good. It was absurd because here’s the thing: Celebs don’t always fly private.

There’s no telling whether Madonna will return or how she’d even travel to Art Basel 2018 after her buzz-worthy visit last year. What we do know is there will be a slew of private jets landing in the 305 for Art Basel.

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But here’s something new:  There will be only one artist airline. Yup, you read right, an artist airline — one that caters to art lovers and vows to fly only to art events. Why? For the sake of art and because she hates flying in general, artist Qinmin Liu has launched Angelhaha Airline, the first-ever and only artist airline to fly specifically to Art Basel Miami Beach.

“I hate traveling,” Liu told Artnet. “Every time I go back home I spend 14 hours in an airplane, and I’m always thinking about their service—the food, the movies, the quality of attendants, and even the smell, and wondering: Is there something I can do about this?”

What she did was create an airline specifically for art lovers. In her announcement, she calls it a “dream-driven business corporation. It is going to be the most successful 21st century company under a female leadership.” And while she doesn’t promise extra leg room or free nuts, Liu said that with her understanding of the world’s letdowns, “Angelhaha will do everything to provide the happiest moment and environment to human beings… We will treat your happiness seriously.”

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Angelhaha’s first ever flight heads from New York to Miami on Dec. 6 via Meisihang Private Aviation — so, sure it’s private, but it’s a different kind of private. An artsy kind of private that’s said to include only nine seats and cost somewhere between $300 and $3,000.

Other flights include trips to San Fransisco for Untitled in January, New York for Armory Show and Hong Kong for Art Basel both in March, and Switzerland in June, according to the Miami Herald.

Aviation happiness isn’t cheap, but in this case, it’s performance art.