Chris Paciello buys home near country club in Miami Beach

Nightclub owner Chris Paciello’s seven years in a federal penitentiary for his role in the killing of a Staten Island housewife in 1993 didn’t set him that far back financially. Paciello just plunked down $800,000 for a house bordering the fancy La Gorce Country Club in Miami Beach. Paciello, who once ruled the local nightscape thanks to his friendship with celebrities like Madonna, Prince, Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Vergara and Mickey Rourke, just bought the 2,200-square-foot crib at 5785 Alton Rd., according to property records. The whitewashed 1956 house was listed for $849,000. The ex-con, 42, even obtained a $552,000 mortgage from Regions Bank to complete the sale, according to bank records. Paciello was arrested in 1999 and accused of driving a getaway car in the robbery and killing. In time, he pleaded guilty to the murder. His sentence was reduced in exchange for his help in mob-related investigations. Paciello returned to Miami Beach three years ago and eventually opened the nightclub Story. New owners bought him out in 2013.