This high end skin care line is made with cat poop. Ew.

Before you throw out that box of kitty litter, you may want to think twice.

Why? The latest beauty buzz involves — you guessed it — exotic cat poop.

We’re so not kidding.


Yes, the folks at luxury beauty brand, Hermetise, beauty have concocted a “facelift in a bottle” formula comprised of fancy feline excrement and it’s now available for sale in Florida (#blessed).

The shtick?

One of the key ingredients in the 3-step Hermetise skin care treatment is Kopi Luwak — a rare and exotic coffee you won’t find at your neighborhood Starbucks.

You see, Luwak coffee is created from the excrement of a rare feline called the Civet, who live in remote parts of Asia. “The Civet likes to eat cherry beans and while they love the taste, they’re unable to break down the seed during digestion which produces a particular fermentation. Once the Civet makes a number two, farmers then collect, wash, dry, sort, and finally roast them into exotic coffee,” the brand explains in a press release.

The Heremetise pros then take the coffee, mix it with 24-karat gold (yes, really) and oxygen (because… science) for a formula that’s meant to help “de-pollute, revive and renew” the skin.

But this stuff doesn’t come cheap. The trio of goodies costs a whopping $5,000. You read that right — $5,000 to rub beans harvested from animal feces all over your face. Honestly, even if we could drop that kinda cash on our skincare, we’d still be slightly skeptical. We’re a little concerned about toxoplasmosis (AKA an infection caused by a parasite in cat feces and undercooked meat). So we rang up an exec at Hermetise and she tells us, “Our products are completely safe to use. Our customers love us and we’re opening several stores in Florida as we speak.”

Crazy cat ladies everywhere, rejoice.

Available at

Florida locations where the Hermetise is available:

120 C Duval Street Key West 33040

1662 Collins Ave Miami 33139

1028 NE 16th Ave Fort Lauderdale 33304

6000 Glades RD Boca Raton 33431