Get Khaleesi hair in Miami with these unbeWEAVABLE hair extensions.

Some people watch “Game of Thrones” and obsess over who will rule the iron throne. And Jon Snow’s next nude scene.

Then there are beauty buffs (and psychos) like me, who find themselves fixated on Daenerys Targaryen’s hair (the Rapunzel-like length! The perfect curls!) and discover themselves wanting to emulate her might…. and mane.


Look at those locks! 

So while I can’t tame a trio of unruly dragons (welp), I figured I could score that drop-dead Daenerys hair with a little help of hair extensions.

I enlisted the help of Great Lengths Account Executive Nikki Jauer who took my look from basic-Miami-mom to Westeros-badass-broad. “We’re the only company that is able to trace hair from the moment it’s donated. Indian women willfully donate their hair for blessings, donations, holidays and more at Indian temples,” Jauer tells me as she meticulously bonds in the 24-inch long locks.

As for those extensions, they’re bonded in with a special device using keratin–based “glue.” Each hair cluster is placed at the root of the hair, closed, and locked into place with heat. The extensions are placed in rows so that they always remain strategically covered by another piece of hair, even if you wear a ponytail. The process looks like this…

Great Lengths extensions

Jauer says that a fresh set of Great Lengths extensions last 3 to 5 months and costs anywhere from $500 to $4,000, depending on the amount of hair used.

And will they damage your hair? Nope, thanks to that keratin bond. As for removal, you can’t do it yourself. Head to the salon! Keratin bonds are dissolved with a solution of either acetone, alcohol, baby oil, or a mixture of two or more. The stylist uses a wrench-like tool to apply some pressure after soaking the bond and then the loosened bond is carefully slid off of your own hair.

Four hours later (yes, the process is as long as any scene involving Bran Stark) and Jauer reveals my Cher-like mane.

My reaction? Damn, I look good! I stare at myself in the mirror and cry, “Where are my dragons!”

For a list of certified Great Lengths hair extensions salons in Miami, go here.