Disney bro hangs in Miami

Jake Paul, left, hangs at E11EVEN with a bro.
Jake Paul, left, hangs at E11EVEN with a bro.
Last Saturday, YouTube heartthrob who, until recently, starred in Disney Channel’s “Bizaardvark,” Jake Paul hung out at Miami hotspot E11EVEN with his Team Ten posse including pal Justin Roberts AKA “The Freshman” and girlfriend Erika Costell. 
The group headed to the ROOFTOP at E11EVEN for dinner where people were taking pictures with them and sending it to their kids. Definitely not your daddy’s Disney Channel, that’s for sure. 
Jake Paul, left, hangs at E11EVEN with a bro.

And despite his recent reputation as a party hearty Youtube dudebro Paul seems to be taking things a bit more seriously during daylight hours. He spent his afternoon working on his fitness at Anatomy at 1220.

You might remember Paul as the guy who hid out in the White House after being invited for a social media panel in January, but it seems he was on his best behavior in Miami. Gym-goers said Paul was “nothing but friendly” and seemed to be “really serious about his fitness routine.”

After his workout Wednesday, Paul stopped by VitaSquad inside Anatomy for a post-workout Vitafit Recovery infusion, which could mean he’s bracing himself for another night out on the town. M-i-c-k-e-y, see ya real soon?