Ex ‘Real Housewives’ star Joanna Krupa: I was blindsided by the divorce

The wife really was the last to know in this scenario.

Joanna Krupa tells In Touch magazine that she was  “caught off guard” when her husband Romain Zago asked for a divorce.

That’s when Krupa’s world changed; Zago apparently made his decision in December of 2016.

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“I spent many nights crying. It was the worst Christmas imaginable,” the “heartbroken” Polish model admits to the gossip magazine. “I felt like my life had been turned upside down, and I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I cried. I couldn’t eat. I probably lost about 7 pounds.”

Seems that the Mynt club owner wanted to have kids  but Krupa, 38, wasn’t ready. The former “Dancing with the Stars” competitor had various projects going on in L.A., far away from Miami. She even costarred in a straight to video movie “You Can’t Have It.” with Rob Gronkowski. 

“He had wanted a family, but I was always traveling and made work my priority,” Krupa said, adding she came to understand they were better off as friends not lovers. “As time has gone on, I’ve realized we were both unhappy.”

Krupa is on the mend, single and ready to mingle.

I feel alive again. I finally woke up one day thinking, “I’ve got to get myself together,” said the PETA activist and frequent social media poster.  “I had been dead inside. I realized I’m healthy, I’m successful, I have an amazing family and friends, what am I crying about? Life is too short.”

The two remain amicable, as evidenced by recent photos of them swimming in the ocean together in South Beach.

“We were together 10 years, and I want to respect that,” she said. “We were both at fault, we both neglected the relationship, but we’ve found forgiveness.”