Report: Real Housewives star LuAnn de Lesseps having marriage troubles

They haven’t even been married a year, but cracks are apparently showing. 

We’re talking about LuAnn de Lesseps, who wed businessman Tom D’Agostino Jr. back in January at The Brazilian Court Hotel in Palm Beach on New Year’s Eve, the groom’s 50th birthday. Among the guests was local Real Housewives of Miami alum, Marysol Patton. 

The party also ate brunch at the Colony Hotel in Miami Beach the following day.

There was some gloom and doom that dogged the occasion. Even though de Lesseps swore she was head over heels, D’Agostino doesn’t seem like the most faithful guy in the world (he was seen kissing another woman while de Lesseps was in Miami shooting “Real Housewives of New York City”  while they were engaged). She forgave him his trespasses.  

Page Six reports the newlyweds are “hanging by a thread,” and that the former countess actually slapped her husband in a NYC restaurant. 

 “They got married so fast, they didn’t really know each other,” a source tells the paper of their issues, adding “She’s a drama queen.”