Marc Anthony showed up at the end of MLB All-Star Week. Did he ever run into JLo?

Marc Anthony, Felipe Pimiento and Michael Vega Celebrating with Johnnie Walker Blue Label at the Magnus All-Star Bash
Marc Anthony, Felipe Pimiento and Michael Vega Celebrating with Johnnie Walker Blue Label at the Magnus All-Star Bash
While the MLB All-Star action at Marlins Park may have been swell – and the sad, pitiful lack thereof at the All-Star Parade not so much – the real action happened after the game when the playuhs played on like pros. 
Take Tuesday night’s Magnus Media All-Star Bash at Seaspice, for instance. Magnus mogul- JLo ex Marc Anthony joined some friends including NY Yankees player Gary Sanchez, former MLB player Luis Figueroa,Gente de Zona, Grammy Award-winning DJ duo Play-N-SkillzDJ Extreme, Arbise Gonzalez aka Motiff,  and Cuban singer Leonid Torres for a big bash hosted by Johnnie Walker. Of course, the singer was “gifted” with his very own personalized bottle of Blue. 
Anthony arrived at the Miami riverfront hot spot via yacht with his latest piece of arm candy, 21-year-old model Mariana Downing. There were tons of models there, but one in particular raised eyebrows: Alexandra Rodriguez, who was seen many moons ago leaving Seaspice with none other than Justin Bieber. 
Nowhere in sight, though, was Jennifer Lopez, who had been spotted around town with her latest beau, ARod, for All-Star Week events. Maybe the two couples are not ready for double dates just yet. 
While that riverfront hootenanny was happening, Wall saw its own share of ballers including Giancarlo Stanton, Robinson Cano and Miguel Sano, all three who were seen ogli–er, chatting with Christina Milian
And then there was the All-Star after party at E11EVEN Miami, which has made its own noise of late.  Players from both American and National League teams hit the randy downtown hot spot to work off some steam.  Among those spotted in the crowd:  Jonathan Schoop (Orioles), Cody Bellinger (Dodgers), Miguel Sano (Twins), Nomar Mazara (Royals), Mike Moutsakas (Royals), and Yunel Escobar (Angels).
Even retirees were there including baseball players like 2014 Hall of Famer Frank Thomas and Cliff Floyd. Baseball cap mogul and CEO of New Era, Christopher Koch, was also there. 
A good time was had by all indeed, but not as good a time as the Twitterverse had with Pitbull’s tucked in Marlins jersey, sadly.