Local bachelor appears in the nude on reality show

Chuck Handy III has a lot going on. The bathing suit entrepreneur, 33, is getting ready for Swim Week with this namesake brand as well as fielding questions about stripping down for VH1’s Dating Naked, premiering 9 p.m. Thursday.

Think Naked and Afraid meets The Dating Game. In each episode — Handy’s show is set to air July 31 — a man and woman meet in an exotic location and get to know each other without the trappings of clothes.

The Miami Beach resident has only positive things to say about the experience. “I had a great time,” recalls Handy, who was born in New York and moved to South Florida after attending Barry University. “The dates weren’t dates. They were adventures.” Any hesitation about appearing in the buff?

“Of course. It hits you when you have to introduce yourself. But then I was like, ‘Let’s do this baby!’ It’s not the time to be all shy.” It was actually refreshing to have a woman see him for him: “South Beach can be so materialistic. Here I had this opportunity where it doesn’t matter what you own or what you have or where you’re from.”

To be in such a bare state, Handy changed up his diet and exercise routine. “I did go with fish and vegetables, a lot of ceviche and stone crabs and jumped on the juicing bandwagon,” he explains. “I play soccer three times a week. I tried to be as healthy as possible, but I’m not a musclehead. I wasn’t looking to change my body.”