Chicks really dig this Danish heavy metal band that’s opening for Metallica

Let’s get loud.

Head banging Danish band Volbeat has a serious responsibility: warming up the crowds at the Metallica concert at Hard Rock Stadium Friday night.

But the guys, who have been on a North American tour with the iconic heavy metal band since May, are up to the task.

“We make a lot of noise,” said lead guitarist Rob Caggiano. “The shows have been phenomenal. We’re having a great time.”

Caggiano, who used to be with thrash metal band Anthrax, gets pumped by the crowds. Especially on this most recent tour.

“I was proud to be in Anthrax. It was an amazing time and am glad I am part of that legacy,” says the NYC native. “But there are definitely more chicks in the crowd now. That’s a good thing.”

Volbeat will do songs from the latest album, “Seal the Deal and Let’s Boogie” (Republic), which claimed No. 4 on the Billboard Top 200.

“We’re really proud of it,” said Caggiano, who is the only American in the group but speaks no Danish. “We worked really hard on it and are just having a blast right now. It’s a smorgasbord. There’s something for everyone.”

As crazy as you would think things would get while being out on the road with Metallica, the truth is a little disappointing. The famed “Enter Sandman” rockers fly by private jet to their Worldwired tour stops while Volbeat goes by bus.

“Our tour bus is probably the most boring moving vehicle,” admits Caggiano. “There’s literally nothing going on at all, not much more than sleeping.”

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