Dad claims mom let ‘Cash Me Ousside’ girl do drugs and have sex. Now he wants custody.

Cash Me Ousside girl Danielle Bregoli, a troubled Boynton Beach teenager who shot to fame after an appearance on Dr. Phil, is set to become the target of a custody battle between her mother and her estranged father.

Dad Ira Peskowitz, 49, a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputy, just filed a petition with a Palm Beach County family court to wrestle 13-year-old Danielle’s custody from her mother, 49-year-old Barbara Bregoli.

The paperwork mentions a previous agreement dating back to 2004, 18 months after Danielle was born. That agreement and subsequent deals gave Bregoli, who never married with Peskowitz, the girl’s sole custody.

Circumstances, according to today’s petition, have changed as the paperwork alleges Bregoli is just not able to raise and control Danielle on her own.

Danielle and her mom were Phil McGraw‘s guests on his nationally syndicated show last year on an episode that pitted Bregoli, who calls Danielle the antichrist, against her daughter. Danielle showed up on the set sporting gold teeth and fanning herself with a stack of dollar bills.

At one point, Danielle invited members of the live audience who found her rude and foul-mouthed to meet her outside afterwards with her now-infamous words “cash me ousside, howbow dah!”

The show was so successful that McGraw had the duo back several times, including in early February.

Meanwhile, Danielle has become a bonafide social media star as an estimated 25 million-plus users played scenes from the show and its hundreds of spoofs.

The teenager reportedly is getting $40,000 for public appearances and has been marketing cash me ousside paraphernalia.

What’s been less clear to those who find this funny is that, behind the street-gang, rapper’s moll bravado, Danielle is the product of a broken home who has rarely seen her dad.

Without a father figure, the paperwork draws a portrait of a noxious environment for Danielle at her mother’s home. Barbara, by the way, fought two battles against cancer while trying to raise her daughter.

According to today’s petition, Bregoli took her then 12-year-old daughter to an emergency room in May 2016 and told doctors Danielle had been sexually assaulted.

Turned out, the paperwork reads, Danielle had consensual sex and tested positive for Xanax and marijuana, all of it while under her mother’s supervision.

The reasons why Peskowitz wants to establish a relationship with his daughter are listed in his petition for shared custody:

— Danielle has been stealing cars, twerking outside her house in her undies and stealing her mother’s credit card to buy things like a stripper’s pole

— Her behavior is “explosive and combative.”

— Her mother is not encouraging Danielle to attend school

— Her mother is using Danielle to make money and exploiting her, and even retained the services of a manager

— Her mother has allowed Danielle to be provocative

— Danielle and her mother have “assaulted” each other and used profanities on social media

— Her mother is Danielle’s enabler

— Through PBSO, Peskowitz offered the services of a mental health unit but was turned down by Bregoli. He also offered to send Danielle to in-patient therapy in Georgia and received permission from his insurance carrier. Again, the paperwork shows, Bregoli turned down the idea

The filing doesn’t mention the Feb. 10 incident where Danielle and her mother were kicked off a flight in Los Angeles taking them back to South Florida after another Dr. Phil chat.

“Our goal is establish a relationship between Danielle and her father,” said Bob Shalhoub, Peskowitz’s attorney. “She obviously needs help. She’s being exploited by her mother. Her father been barred from seeing the little girl by her mom. With all of the drama, we think this is the father’s attempt to save Danielle’s life.”

Bregoli didn’t return calls for comment.