Flo Rida forced to settle a nasty lawsuit

Carol City hip-hopper Flo Rida was forced to settle a nasty lawsuit brought by a Canadian concert promoter because the singer blew off court-mandated deposition and mediation. Why didn’t he show up? Blame the Miami Heat. A federal lawsuit was filed last year in Miami against the singer of Wild Ones by Toronto promoter Spin Artist Agency, claiming that Flo didn’t show up for a six-date tour in the Great White North. The promoter wanted $200,000 in damages. The case was crawling its way through South Florida’s justice system when, on June 11, Flo missed his depo, then mediation in a Miami law office. Didn’t write! Didn’t call! Worse: Flo dispatched his right-hand man, Lee “Freezy” Prince, to the mediation session, but Prince blew out of the room in the middle of negotiations without giving any explanation. What else was going on June 11? That’s the day Miami was playing a pivotal Game 3 against the San Antonio Spurs, with the proceedings scheduled dangerously close to tip-off time. Not amused, Judge Ursula Ungaro used the nuclear option, according to court files: She struck all of Flo’s pleadings from the record, leaving him no leverage to negotiate and no choice but to settle. Jeffrey Neiman, Spin’s Miami attorney, declined comment. Flo’s people haven’t returned calls for comment.