Fly around like Flo Rida likes to do in Hollywood Beach

If the whole rapping thing doesn’t pan out, Flo Rida could get a job with the tourism folks, no problem. The local superstar really does take advantage of where he lives.

Take his video for Let it Roll, off the album Wild Ones, for example. There he is roller skating along the Hollywood Boardwalk, blasting out into the sky from a jet lev and hanging out at a go-kart track.

“We did some crazy things for that shoot,” the Carol City chart-topper told “It’s fun just living here. It’s like two for one: You get a vacation too. The best spot in the world.”

Yes, it’s good to live in South Florida. Though we are not sure which company Flo went with, we checked out a place called B&B Flypack Rentals on Hollywood Beach, so you too, can blast off.

Call to reserve: 954-696-6272, email or go to