Kevin Hart walks red carpet for 'Let Me Explain'

Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart picked quite the weekend to be in Miami. The actor-comedian premiered his documentary, Let Me Explain, as part of the 2013 American Black Film Festival, at the Gusman Theatre Saturday night. Filmed during last year’s “Let Me Explain” comedy tour, the movie opens July 3.

Hart, a Miami Heat fan, had to miss the NFL champs’ parade Monday because he was due in Las Vegas to shoot the sequel to last year’s ensemble hit, Think Like A Man. His costar, Gabrielle Union, was already in Sin City working, but her boyfriend,

Dwyane Wade, came out to support his longtime buddy. “He texted me to get the bleep over here so I got outta the bed,” said Wade, adding seriously: “He’s one of the most talented young people we have in the [entertainment] world.” The native Philadelphian wouldn’t agree; Hart’s too humble. Asked how it feels to have more than 7.5 followers on Twitter, he said: “I’m appreciative of it. I’m in love with my profession. My fans support me. I wake up every day and thank God for doing what I love to do. I don’t have feelings of, ‘Oh I wish I had this or that.’”

He also bristles at the term, “The New King of Comedy.”

“I’m a student of the game. I’m able to do what I do because so many before me have paved the way. I’m just someone coming up on the totem pole.”