Miami Housewife Ana Quincoces appears on The Chew

Sassy Real Housewife of Miami Ana Quincoces apeared on ABC’s The Chew to promote her new cookbook, Sabor, Wednesday, and to cook up some South Floridian favorites. With the help of Daphne Oz and Michael Symon, Ana made Cuban fried chicken with her special mojo, orange juice and paprika buttermilk recipe (Mario Batali, said with a full mouth, that is was “absolutely perfect)” as well as super creamy Cuban potato salad.

They also shared a Whammy, a cocktail that the lawyer made up herself. She told the hosts she drinks the concoction of rum, OJ and key lime juice with her family while in Sanibel when doing the “Cuban squat,” aka wading into the ocean waist high for hours.

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On her Facebook page the divorced mom of two wanted to clarify one important thing about her personal life: “I have received so many emails and facebook messages from caterers, florists, and dress designers since my appearance on The Chew that I thought I should post something about it. Although I am “in a relationship” with a great guy, there are no wedding plans or anything of the sort…You guys would be the first to know!”