Lil Wayne finally pays up

Rapper Lil Wayne will get to keep his waterfront home and Bugatti after all. Papers filed this week with the Miami-Dade County Clerk’s office show the little guy finally paid a $3.4 million judgment won against him in California by a music producer. At first, Weezy vowed he wouldn’t pay. But his bark was worse than his bite. Back in November, a Los Angeles jury found that Lil Wayne, 30, cheated producer Quincy Jones III out of potential profits by blocking the release of a documentary about him. By April, Lil Wayne still hadn’t paid the piper. But when David Goldstein, Jones’ Miami attorney, domesticated the Cali judgment Florida, the writing was on the wall. Goldstein was just prepping to go after the Lollipop singer’s assets in South Florida, including the $11.6 million digs he owns on exclusive La Gorce Island, and some of the prized cars parked there, when the check was written. Goldstein didn’t comment.