Adult film star Teagan Presley appears at Exxxotica Fort Lauderdale, chats about career, hobbies and Fleshlight adult toys

Adult film star Teagan Presley will appear at Exxxotica 2013 in Fort Lauderdale
Adult film star Teagan Presley will appear at Exxxotica 2013 in Fort Lauderdale

Born Ashley Erickson in 1985, Teagan Presley enjoyed a meteoric rise in the adult film industry. She made her debut in 2004 and won the X-Rated Critics Organization’s Best New Starlet award in 2005. Presley, who was born in Texas, is a three-time Best Feature Dancer award winner, a two-time Penthouse Pet, a current Adam & Eve contract superstar and the winner of dozens of different adult awards in her decade of performance.


How did you get your start in the adult business?

“Basically as revenge. I had an ex I was angry at, and I answered an ad for nude modeling. It turned out to be an adult movie, but I did it anyway and loved it.”


What has been the most pleasant surprise about the business?

“How close knit everyone is. We bicker and argue, and we all hate a good amount of each other, but if an outsider messes with someone in the business, everyone takes it personally. We are one big dysfunctional family.”


What do you see as the biggest problem in the adult film business today?

“Piracy and free porn sites. And those go hand in hand most of them. A lot of the big studio movies get pirated day one and end up on a tube site the day it’s released. I don’t think fans are necessarily trying to get free porn as they are instantaneous gratification. As soon as we have a cost-effective and instant delivery system, I think the tube sites will start to go away.”


When your on-screen career in the adult film business is complete, what would you like to do for the rest of your life?

“Focus on my family first and foremost, and hopefully, continue to direct and produce, and maybe continue doing mainstream tattoo and bikini modeling as long as I can.  I love Adam & Eve, so I am hoping they will keep me on even when I stop performing maybe as a corporate spokesperson or brand ambassador.”


What are your hobbies?

“I am an avid sleeper! Because I travel so much, I sleep as much as I can when I am home.  But when I’m awake, I love gardening, cooking, and shopping. But my most favorite thing to do? Shooting! I love shooting guns. I am getting a Smith & Wesson .357.”


If you want to get away for a week or longer, where is your favorite travel destination?

“I love Jamaica. The food is fantastic, and when Joshua (director Joshua from Adam & Eve) and I have gone, we have actually gone off resort and developed friendships and bonds with the islanders, and their culture is rich and fantastic. I also love, love, love Australia. I was there for two weeks in March, and I go back in July.”


How difficult is it to find and maintain a relationship while working in this industry?

“Like any relationship, it has its challenges and moments. Joshua and I have been together now five years and we are still going strong. I think it is easier because he is in the business too, but he isn’t a performer and I don’t do boy/girl scenes anymore. I stopped right before he and I met.”

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There are series of Fleshlight adult toys modeled after you. Can you explain the process of creating the mold?

“It is a long complicated process, but well worth it. They use Hollywood makeup artists that take a plaster model of your parts, and then sculptors perfect them to the real thing off a series of images to go with the molds.”


Beyond financial reasons, what were the contributing factors that made you want to be involved with the Fleshlight process?

“The company. Steve Shubin and his son Brian are not just great business people with a revolutionary product, but great people. They take care of the Fleshlight girls second to none, and wouldn’t ever want to work with anyone else honestly.”


Over the past couple of years, you have transitioned more toward feature dancing and away from movies. What prompted the change? How has the travel schedule affected your personal life?

“Our studio, Adam & Eve, picks and chooses the best projects to showcase their talent. We do less movies by default as they try not to put out a lot of throw away movies. Joshua and Katy from Adam & Eve really know how to market my brand, and I think they’ve picked wisely.  Feature dancing is a mainstay, and I was a professional dancer before I did adult, so it allows me to still do something I really love and keep connected with the fans. Plus I love traveling.  Sometimes it gets exhausting, but it is nice each time.”


You have been a frequent guest at Exxxotica over the years. What is it about the convention that makes you want to be a part of it as often as you do?

“We love Dan Davis, Adrian Sam and J Handy, the dream team that runs Exxxotica.  They are like family to us, and we love seeing them every show. Plus, the fans come out in droves, and it is a really great environment to interact with them.”