Glades star Jordan Wall to appear at fundraiser

Burn Notice may be out of here, but we can still get our fix with The Glades is still going strong. The South Florida-shot A&E cop comedrama picks up again Memorial Day, but you can meet one of the stars Jordan Wall Monday night. The actor who plays Daniel Green, the resident nerd in the medical examiner’s office, will appear at an event benefitting the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America 7-10 p.m. at Cafe Iguana.

Although Wall does not have either digestive condition, the Clearwater native has dear friend who has been impacted and has taken up the cause. Up for grabs at the fundraiser will be an auctioned walk-on role on The Glades, and raffle prizes including an autographed copy of a script.

We talked to Wall before the big night:

What do you want readers to know about the foundation?

That odds are every one reading this either knows someone with it but it’s not talked about as openly as other conditions are even though 1.5 million suffer from Crohn’s or colitis. It can be such an intense daily struggle dealing with this diseases which cause incredible abdominal pain, malnutrition, and in some severe cases, death. There still is no cure for Crohn’s, but 80 cents for every dollar raised by CCFA and Team Challenge goes towards research and support in inching closer to that cure.

You are a semi local.

Yes! I grew up in Clearwater, went to Clearwater High School and am currently helping organize our 10 year reunion which I can’t believe. After spending four years at University of Florida, I came back home and studied in a local acting workshop in Tampa before landing The Glades. My parents are still there. One of the fantastic perks of working on a series in my home state, is that I’m only a four hour drive away from seeing my family. I’ll make that drive on a long weekend, and I always spend time with them in Clearwater right before the season starts and directly after the season ends.

Any major plot points you can divulge? Are Longworth and Callie [Kiele Sanchez] going to get married?

Any wedding plans are top secret at the moment. What I will say is we have a star studded group of actors gracing us with their presence this season, some real veterans of the silver screen. In line with that, we’ll be meeting Longworth’s parents, and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Where around Florida do you guys shoot?

Where don’t we shoot? Our locations vary from Fort Lauderdale’s and Miami’s sexy beaches to the Everglades’ muggy swamplands. We always manage to find new, unique spots every season to set up camera. This year alone, we’ve shot in roller derby rinks, Jai-Alai courts and abandoned haunted houses.

Now that Burn Notice is gone you guys are among the few shows to film here. How important is it to have shows in Florida?

I am such a proponent for shooting in Florida. You see what it’s done financially to states like Georgia and Louisiana and the results speak for themselves. There are so many jobs involved in making a television show or a movie, most of which are hired locally, not to mention the domino effect it has on bringing business to the state. i hope it doesn’t stop with The Glades, Magic City, and Graceland. Florida offers so much variety which appeals to the entertainment industry; it’s just a matter of our state legislature recognizing the economic benefits the industry brings and putting forth the tax incentives necessary to reel production in. Right now, seemingly every state in the US has an incentive program so it’s necessary, but we only need a little nudge because our state is so appealing. I have a lot of pride working on a series that shoots here, employing the talent within our borders.

What else do you have going on? Like, what is something readers may not know about you that you do in your spare time?

I’m a workout junkie. Aside from all the running training, I’ve been lifting weights regularly since 15. In the same vein, I’m a sportsaholic. If I took the time I spend each day reading ESPN and SI articles, on practicing more guitar or reading more novels, my song and book repertoire would at least be tripled.

What will be the walk-on role for the person who wins it at the event?

Last year, we put our winner in cuffs and took her into custody as a perk. Who wouldn’t want to show that to mom? We’ve also had someone play a lab tech featured next to Michelle Hurd [Manus] providing her with an instrumental piece of evidence. I can’t guarantee what the character will be as it depends on our winner’s schedule and what we will be shooting when he or she can come in, but we’ll make sure their face is featured on camera.