Chad Ochocinco makes friends with homeless man

The last time a Miami Beach-based homeless man made national news, it was as the victim a beatdown at the hands of The Real Housewives of Miami star Alexia Echevarria’s son. This week national story about another local homeless man is a feel-good yarn, one that stars former Miami Dolphins receiver Chad Johnson and a street dweller nicknamed Porkchop. For some reason, the loudmouth NFLer has taken Porkchop under his wing. And if he means his tweets about their relationship, Johnson is growing quite fond of his new friend. They have things in common: Johnson remarked in one tweet they are both unemployed. It was friendship at first sight Saturday in South Beach when Porkchop asked the ballplayer to buy him a beer. Johnson obliged. They struck up a conversation, and the two have been tight since. Johnson, who was kicked out of the Fins’ training camp after his arrest for allegedly beating his then-wife, took Porkchop clothes shopping at Urban Outfitters, gave him a watch and takes him along on his daily routine. Johnson keeps his 4.5 million Twitter followers abreast of their every move, and now it seems that the followers have taken Porkchop as their own. Example: Johnson couldn’t find Porkchop on Wednesday afternoon. So fans tweeted that Porkchop was waiting for him at David’s Café on Collins Avenue. Johnson picked him up, and the two went off to watch the Barcelona-Bayern soccer match on TV.