Juanes and Fonseca hang out in a Little Havana hot spot until the wee hours


Colombian superstars Juanes and Fonseca were seen salsa-ing Saturday night at Little Havana hot spot Ball & Chain.

Straight off the release of his fun, feel good homage to his home country, ‘La Plata,’ Juanes arrived around midnight and toasted champagne with Fonseca and a group of about 10 others in between showing off their fancy footwork.

According to a snitch, the two may be planning a collaboration or, if Ball & Chain regulars are lucky, perhaps a surprise performance there one of these nights. Maybe the just got on the phone and said ‘vamos a rumbear’ and headed to B&C. That could be it, too.

Whatever the case, they had a ball (no chains, though the superstars’ wives may have been in the group, but no one knows for sure) until around 2:45 a.m.