Beyonce bringing post Lemonade drama to Miami

When life gives Beyonce lemons, the pop star makes an album called Lemonade. Or so we think. A cray cray amount has been speculated about the release of Bey’s visual album on HBO Saturday night, where she sings about side chicks, scorned women and rampant dishonesty.

Is Lemonade outing hubby Jay Z? And if so, why would the songs end up on Tidal, the music streaming service the hip hop mogul owns? We are not too sure, since it’s not as if the power couple released a statement regarding alleged infidelity in the singer and rapper’s eight-year marriage.

All we know is that Queen Bey will be taking the stage at Marlins Park Wednesday night launching her World Formation Tour. And we will be watching and listening closely for any further bad-spouse or “Becky” references (hello Rita Ora or whoever you are, with your nice hair — sigh).

And if she’s in the same mood she was in while making the Hold Up video, the stadium folks better keep Ms. Carter away from the batting cage. The 34-year-old mother of one is seen in that song’s video smashing a baseball bat all over the place, raging that other women “don’t love you like I love you.” fter Miami, her next stop is Tampa Friday night, so she’ll have some time to spend — and hopefully chill out — in the Magic City. With or without Jay Z.