Tia Mowry in Miami: Online bullying is not OK

Tia Mowry flew in to Miami International Airport Wednesday afternoon for her evening appearance at the Biscayne Bay Campus at Florida International University in North Miami. How we know: Her Instagram account showed off some great arrival shoes — blue high-heeled sandals —and the pic received almost 25,000 likes from her 2.6 million followers.

But on to more serious topics: The onetime Sister, Sister star and author of Oh, Baby!: Pregnancy Tales and Advice from One Hot Mama to Another spoke to the student body about juggling motherhood with acting. The general reception: Mowry was super sweet, frank and down to earth.

“She was funny and relatable,” said Larissa Adames, the coordinator and advisor for FIU’s Student Government Association (SGA). “And so friendly. Like the nicest person you could ever meet. Really cool. You could ask her anything and she would tell it like it is.” Yes, the Cooking Channel personality is not once to mince words.

Remember? Mowry, who has a teeny bit of leftover baby weight, called out a body shamer on the Web, finding out where the online bully worked. The 37-year-old married mother of one, who also runs a podcast Mostly Mom, touched on that theme, too — the body-shaming that goes in Hollywood as well as and rampant photoshopping of stars.

“She was like, ‘Look, I’m comfortable the way I am,” reported Adames. “I don’t need anyone to tell me to take it off.’ She encouraged everyone to be the same and not to pay attention to [bullies].”